The day started when we left at 12:30PM. I was driving referee Pepe/Flippy/Sanchez/Rodriguez's Old Folk Special. The Old Folk Special is known for the homemade shag rug beverage holder and the always, extremely annoying "Lanechanger". Pepe was the Navigator and Paul Hazard was riding in the coach seats. Even with the always mandatory stop at the Kennebunk BK on the Turnpike and two not so quick stops at the toll booths, we made good time going down to Plainville, Connecticut. We were going down to work for Independent Connecticut Championship Wrestling. Mad Dog and Draven, the Damned were given control of the ICCW.

We were given directions by Mad Dog and planned to meet someone from the ICCW at 4pm. The only problem was that the directions weren't right. After spending 45 minutes driving back and forth on the highway, I pulled back into the hopeful McD's and was happy to see Mad Dog, Johnny Curtis, and Damian Houston. We followed them to the Loomis Arena. I introduced myself to everyone. The ICCW lockeroom is a mix of veterans and young guys working to get better. The lockeroom also has a great attitude. I was to referee at this show.

Now, to the results of the show:
Commissioner MTE came out and welcomed the crowd. JC Marxxx, the co-commissioner, came out. MTE was there to let JC know that the ICCW Board of Directors have fired JC from his position of Commissioner due to his many biased decisions and problems he had caused. He then handed his own ref shirt (a job MTE had under JC Marxxx's commissionership) and told JC to get ready for the matches he'd have to ref. Marxxx was visably upset and threw a tantrum on the way back to the locker room.

Damian Houston defeated Kid Krazy, Tim Kilgore, and Johnny Curtis in a Four Way Dance to decide the first-ever ICCW Young Guns Champion. The match was under No Countout rules (to encourage dives to the outside). This match was insane. In the end, Tim Kilgore missed a Phoenix Splash (twisting 450) and Damian Houston capitalized with with "Rocket Launcher" (double springboard moonsault) for the win and the strap.

In a semifinal tournament match to determine the #1 contender for the ICCW CT Championship, Mike Phoenix defeated Darren Stompz with a Blockbuster for the win, moving to the finals of the Tournament.

The Third match of the night was also a semifinal in the #1 Contenders tournament for the CT Title. Richard Pacifico beat home-town favorite Duff (with tag team partner... his Afro) with his Clover-hitch for a submission win.

Commissioner MTE called out 1/2 of ICCW Tag Champs Carnage, INC., "Bad Boy" Billy Black. He told Black that he knew that Black's partner Kodiak was out, injured. "Bad Boy" replied that he was ready to defend the titles by himself. MTE couldn't allow that and told Black to find himself a partner. Black checked out the crowd and ended up picking the ref, me. Me? Me! Me?

Former Partners Onyx and Cinna faced in a loser leaves the ICCW match. The two violently brawled for a few minutes, before spilling to the floor. As the referee counted, they stopped and began to count WITH the ref. At the ten count, the match was a draw. Neither man would have to leave the ICCW. Then Onyx began to yell at the crowd about how they turned he and his "brother" Cinna against each other. They were reuniting Elements of Suicide (their tag team), and were going to win the tag titles IN SPITE of the crowd.

In a rematch for the CT Title, Ruy Batello, with "The Mouthpiece of the East" Sean Gorman, defeated Tripleicious to win the CT Title after outside interference for both men.

Bad Boy Billy Black and I had a really good match. The Showtime Poss(S.P.) thought they were wrestling Black and a ref. HEHE. Black gained control after taking a little abuse. He tagged me in still wearing my ref shirt. As soon as I was tagged in, I took off the shirt to reveal my actual gear. Craig Steele of the S.P. seemed to be upset and bitching at the ref(just fired co-commissioner and debuting ref, JCMarxxx) as I took over on Lionel. After stringing together several moves, I went for a clothesline, but Lionel pulled down the top rope and I fell hard to the floor.

That's when the Posse took over on me. They hit me with everything they had. High impact moves and double teams, but they couldn't get the pin. After a shoulderblock that knocked both of us down, I was able to make the tag to the Bad Boy. He took over on both of them. He went for pins, but the ref (JCMarxxx) wouldn't make the 3 count. After doing this twice, Bad Boy confronted him. Lionel schoolboyed Bad Boy, grabbed the trunks(well jeans), and JCMarxxx made a quick 3 count for the cheap victory. We got the shaft. Commissioner MTE then fired Marxxx as a ref because of his biases, declared the tag titles vacant, and made a rematch with S.P. vs. Bad Boy and Kodiak, the usual partner of Black. Marxxx then announced that he was the new manager of the S.P. and didn't need to referee.

In the main event, ICCW Champion Chris Venom tagged with KL Murphy to face the Damned. The heavyweight title was on the line, with the first man scoring a pinfall winning the title. After the 30 minute time limit expired and then everyone began demanding "5 more minutes". The match restarted and with only 15 seconds left, Venom hit his "Back to F'n Reality" (modified T-Bone Suplex) on Mad Dog, getting the pin.

After the show and changing in the dark, I too some time to mingle with the guys. This included Kid Krazy, with a slight concussion, and Tim Kilgore, despite saying that his nose was only sore, had a nose broke in two places and a concussion. The show was exciting and the guys did a great job. ICCW should be a great fed with all the great attitudes and heart that it has.

We left the show and 15 minutes down the road, I realized I left my ref shirt behind. 45 minutes later, we were back where we were when I realized I didn't have it. We made good time back to Portsmouth where we went to Bickford's Restaurant. We were seated in the rear of the restaurant. The meal was highlighted by the man in the booth next to ours trying to get things for free. "I know she gets a drink with that, but she wants coffee and juice."
After the waitress said she's would get one free and would have to pay for the other, the guy once again asks the same question. She must have said it a total of five times. All Paul, Pepe, and I could do was try to hide our laughs from being heard. God Damn. I was thinking of walking over and giving him a dollar so his wife could have both beverages. What a tight wad! Tighter than bark on a tree.

The rest of the ride was good and my first trip to ICCW was a good one. I'm glad to be on board with ICCW, Mad Dog, Draven, and the rest of the lockeroom. I'll be back in ICCW on August 18.