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My wrestling journal...this is not a diary, homos keep diaries, this is a journal, god damn it.

Friday, April 22, 2005

It's been a few months since my last journal entry and I know I said that I'd write more often. Technically, it's still more often since the one before my last was about a year and a half ago. I'm doing better at it and I will write even more often whenever possible.

This entry is going to be longer than I hope they are in future, but quite alot has happened in the last month or so.

March 18
I wrestled with Donny defending the NWH Tag Team Titles. We ended up losing the titles that night to the Big Islanders. It tends to happen when 400 plus pounds splashes you off the second rope. I couldn't get back into the ring and save Donny before the 3 count. The match was solid. I'm not used to wrestling people so much larger than me. I'm usually the big guy in the match. I had to wrestle a different style.

Since then Donny and I had several tag matches. We were able to get a disqualification win in one of the matches, but between outside interference and bad luck, we just weren't able to get back those titles. I've got to give it up to The Big Islanders-Makua and KaHoku(see, I can spell it right, LOL). For a couple of super heavyweights, they move really well and with more experience, these two have a chance to be ever better.

With more title opportunities coming our way, I was really disappointed to hear that my partner, Donny Dangerous, decided to retire. I hope he's happy with the new direction in his life. I don't have anything against him. It's just that we had worked so hard to get to the top and then he just up and leaves unannounced. Now, he's gone and I'm looking for my next opportunity. I'm just kind of withering in the wind right now. I'm on my way back up and whether it's with a different partner or as a singles wrestler, I'll have to prove once again that I'm "Damn Good For a Fat Guy!".

March 26
I traveled to Holyoke, Massachusetts with Matt for Eastern Wrestling Alliance. The show saw the tag team of Enforcer Larry and his brother Handsome John, the Huntley Boys gave there first tag team victory as we defeated Rocco Abruzzi and "Pinnacle" Paul Lombardi. The match was supposed to be against a couple of local boys, El Boriqua and The Puerto Rican Bad Boy, but due to circumstances beyond our and their control, they weren't there to face us. For a fill-in team they did a good job and the match got great response from the fans, especially since there locals weren't there and a team they didn't even know was taking there place. With our new finisher, a Hart Attack/Spin Heel Kick, a real snug pin, and a three count the Huntley Boys were going to the pay window.

April 1
Friday turned out to be the long day of a very long weekend. After having to work the ol' day job Friday, I picked up my buddy Huey. If anyone has met him in wrestling, they always ask him if he's a wrestler. Between his size and tats, I don't blame them. We got down to the Sanford Knights of Columbus around 6:15pm. That night I worked for National Wrestling Horizons New England.

I was in the opening match, an 8-man Survivor Series Elimination Match. My partners were Pierre Vachon, The Texas Outlaw, and Mark Moment and we faced "Rugged" Ric Daniels, Plaque, Mizery, and Danny Dangerous. I thought the match was really good considering there were 8 men in it. The crowd was really into especially since we were the first match of the night. I like working the "curtain jerk" match because I know they are looking to see a great night of wrestling and I have the opportunity to set the stage for the whole night. At one point it was Mark Moment and I against Daniels, Plaque, and Danny Dangerous. I was able to pin Plaque with a school boy out of the corner and ducked a Dangerous Line and hit the Death Valley Driver for another pin, leaving Ric Daniels left against Moment and myself. Daniels was able to get the advantage on Moment, isolating him from tagging me in. Following a huge move, Daniels was yelling at the crowd too much for his own good. I took that as an opportunity. I started yelling at Daniels which distracted him a little, when he turned around, a recovered Mark Moment hit the LKO for the 3 count. Moment and I were the soul survivors of the match. I'm pretty sure I'll be wrestling singles matches for NWA-NE, but if tagging with Moment was in my future I would definately enjoy it.

Following the show, I bagged up all of the stuff as quickly as possible and said my goodbyes. Of that is 30 minutes of goodbyes without anything else. I drove Huey back to his home and finally got back to my house. I didn't get to sleep until 3:15am which wouldn't have been that bad if I didn't have to be back up at 6:30am for work. Work really sucked being so tired but got through it.

April 2
After work, I had the responsibility of driving the ring truck to Gray for the show. The Gray building is great for wrestling atmosphere. It has the perfect size and probably the best lockeroom around. Couches, chairs, and tables everywhere and plenty of room which can be a rarity in independent wrestling. After I had finished my responsibilities, I crashed on one of the comfy couches downstairs. I got a whole 10 minute nap when Sonny comes downstairs yelling, telling me the trainee was upstairs and I had to go train him.

I dragged my ass upstairs and ran Joel through training for about 2 hours. I usually love training students, but I just couldn't get up for it. I was way to drained, but it went ok and Joel is learning. About that time, my buddy Jay showed up. This night was about him, the Jay "Kildevil" DiPaolo Invitational Tournament. Jay had wrestled with me for over 3 years. We had beat the hell out of each other more times than I care to remember. That all changed in January of 2002 when the place he worked had a massive explosion. He had 2nd and 3rd degree burns over at least 75% of his body. He spent one month in an induced coma so his body could heal. I don't know how he did it, but he battled like a mother. Even though his body is ravaged by scars and skin graphs, he is doing so well.

The show had an early start time of 7:00pm. I was in the tournament that night. In the first round, I faced Adam Booker with Pristine Kristine. It was a good give and take match, back and forth. I finally fought back and hit the DVD on Booker when PK ran into the ring and jumped on my back, raking my eyes. I had won by disqualification to move on in the tournament, but with my eyes raked I was fair game. Booker gave me a Falcon's Arrow leaving my down in the ring. I made my way to the back and tried to prepare for my semi-final match, which was against Frankie Armadillo.

My second was within 30 minutes of my last match and having a good beating on me, I was surprisingly up for my match with Frankie. We started off right where Booker had ended. He went to work on my back during the match and used his manager, Dr. Payne, whenever possible. I used my power to counter. I brought the Spineshank out of mothballs, delivering it to Frankie and getting the victory. I was in the Finals of the Kildevil Tournament.

The finals of the tournament was a Hardcore Match and the Guest Referee was Jay "Kildevil" DiPaolo. Jay's specialty was the Hardcore Match and we had several of them in the past. Jay even had on the face paint, like the old days, but this time instead of the black and red it was black and white referee stripes. Check out the Multimedia section of the NWH website and look for 04-02-05 Gray Pics. It's damn freaky!!!

With only one match between my semi-final match and the finals, I barely had time to catch my breath. My opponent in the Finals was "Rugged" Ric Daniels. Even though I don't like the way Ric treats the fans, it is still great to see one of my students doing so well. Ric and I tore into each other. We used everything that was available: signs, chairs, chains, golf clubs. You name it we used it. We battled in the ring, at ringside, through the seats, and even eventually fought all the way out of the building into the parking lot. We fought outside in the rain for 3-4 minutes beating each other with weapons and even throwing each other off the ring van.

We finally made our way back to the ring. The match went back and forth including me placing a street sign, "Beaver Brook Lane"(nice, huh?), on the crotch of Daniels and chopping the sign. I do believe a couple of things were scrambled. Oh no!!! HAHAHA Dr. Payne helped Ric get the advantage on me again. After several weapons and high impact moves, I battled knocking him to the mat. I hit him with a weapon leaving him laying in the ring. I started asking for chairs from the fans, but they didn't seem to apt to help me, so I took it upon myself to start grabbing them from ringside. I guess they finally started catching on to what I wanted and by the time I turned around there were 20-25 chairs in the ring. I've seen the old scene of the chairs being thrown in the ring on ECW and this was absolutely nothing compared to that, but it was kind of cool and actually little uneasy hoping not to get hit by one in the back of the head. Anyway I placed as many could on Ric and went to the top rope. When I got up there, I looked down and looked for a landing space. That made it a little difficult. There was only a little space for me to land. Landing on my hip on chairs just isn't fun so I did my best to avoid them and still hit my top rope elbow on Ric for the win.

I had wrestled three times in about an hour and fifteen minutes and was so exhausted but I didn't even care at that point. This was a night to honor one of our brothers, Jay DiPaolo. He raised my arm and gave me the trophy. I was so proud that Jay had come back to wrestling. He has such a big heart. It was an honor to be to wrestle for and win the tournament named after my friend, Jay DiPaolo.

After the show, I got changed and packed up waiting for the ring to get loaded. As soon as it was loaded, I took off for home and work again way to early. After work Sunday afternoon, I finally got a chance to rest, but that was blown up as well. Remember a little thing like WrestleMania. That was Sunday night, so after watching a long but very good PPV, I settled my head down for a well deserved night's sleep.

I promise to write and I hope you enjoy reading about some of the fun and pain involved in my life as a pro wrestler. This post would have been longer, but I want to save something to write about in a couple of weeks. I'll be writing about AWA and back to Skip's Bar.


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