My wrestling journal...this is not a diary, homos keep diaries, this is a journal god damn it.

Saturday, October 13

This trip down to Independent Connecticut Championship Wrestling was
supposed to begin at 2pm with everyone meeting at my new place. I found
out from Pee Wee Sherman that his car wasn't registered an hour before
we were supposed to leave, but I still had to wait for a couple of
friends, Andy and Keith. Once they got to my place, we went to get Pee
Wee and were already over a half hour late. We made good time on the
road and picked up more time because we actually DIDN'T make the
mandatory stop at the BK in Kennebunk on the Pike.

We pulled in about 5:15pm and talked to Mr. Loomis. We said our hellos
to all the guys. All the workers were in good moods, but Mad Dog and
Draven didn't seem to be as friendly as everyone else. The Damned, the
producers of the ICCW, were scrambling to put together a make shift
card. There were six guys that cancelled that day from either
transportation problems, sickness, and injury. They finally put together
a solid card and the weight seemed to lift off their shoulders. Then
they reverted back to just a couple of the boys.

The attendance at the Loomis Arena in Plainfield, CT was up from the
last Loomis Arena shows. All the seats were filled and the crowd was
loud and looking for a good night of action. Now onto the results of the

The Opening match was billed as the 20 minute CT Title Invitational. The
match would run for a full 20 minutes with every pin-fall/title change
being recognized. The man holding the belt at the end of the match would
be the CT Champ. CT Champ "Heartbreaker" Ruy Batello (with Sean Gorman)
faced Young Guns Champ Tim Kilgore (with JC Marxxx) and the debuting
Frankie Armadillo. This match saw Batello, Kilgore, and Armadillo all
win the belt several times and even saw one time Referee Pepe Sanchez,
JCMarxxx, Sean Gorman, and Referee Pee Wee Sherman all become one time
champions. With only seconds left Joe Dirt, a masked man rushed the ring
and rolled up the then champ Kilgore and got the last pinfall of the

Commissioner MTE named Draven of the Damned as his new Deputy
Commissioner and Mad Dog of the Damned as the official ICCW
Spokesperson. Draven's first order of the night was to rescind the 24/7
rule on the CT Title in one instance only. Ruy Batello would not be able
to directly win the title from Joe Dirt on this night.

Next up was the Enforcer (that's little ole me) and Bad Boy Billy Black.
We are now known as Criminal Intent, the "stiffest tag team in New
England" quoting Mad Dog of the Damned. We tagged against Triplelicious
and KL Murphy. We cut Murphy shortly after the match started and we
proceeded to beat the hell out of Murphy. We had control of the match,
hitting every move we wanted, but Murphy was able to get a tag with
Triplelious. All four of us started brawling inside and outside of the
ring. For some unknown reason the ref called for the bell. We were only
minutes from winning the match. Anyways, once the ref called the match,
we didn't have to worry about the rules. We took over on both of our
opponents and left them laying. Venom wanted to be the big man and try
to save Trip and KL Murphy by sneak attacking us. We got out before he
could attck us. For some stange reason, I remember Billy telling Venom
he hasn't seen the last of him. HAHAHA

In an interview with new CT Champion Joe Dirt, it was revealed that Ruy
Batello had not actually left the ringside area after the opening match,
and had been hiding under the ring. He ambushed Dirt with a Ru-anizer
(stunner) and went for a cover. He was reminded that he was not allowed
to defeat Joe Dirt for the title. He one-upped the ICCW Officials and
hit ANOTHER Stunner on Dirt, then climbed out of the ring and took the
Damned Wrestling School's dummy and placed it on Dirt for the three
count. He then hit the dummy with the Stunner and pinned it to regain
the title.

The next match was scheduled to be an ICCW Tag Team Title match between
The X3-Rated Posse (Kenn Phoenix and Kid Krazy) and Duff and Derik
Destiny. Destiny was hospitalized the night before legit, so Duff was
given the chance to name another partner. Instead, Duff chose to go it
alone. Duff started out strong, until the champs cut him down with an
illegal double team. Phoenix and Krazy beat on Duff gaining near falls.
Frankie Armadillo came to ringside to begin to rally the crowd behind
Duff. Duff managed to become a house of fire and knock Phoenix from the
ring and then hit his finisher on Krazy. As ref Pee Wee Sherman went to
count the pin, Armadillo pulled him out and knocked him out cold. Soon
it was obvious that Armadillo was aligned with the Posse, eliciting a DQ
win for Duff. After the match, JC Marxxx revealed that they had attacked
and ousted former Posse member Craig Steele the night before and the new
Posse was complete (Tim Kilgore, Kid Krazy, Kenn Phoenix formerly
Lionel, and Frankie Armadillo).

In a match to decide both the Eastern Wrestling Alliance Championship
and #1 Contendership to the ICCW Title, #1 Contender "Shooter" Adam
Booker faced off with EWA Champ Dr. Heresy. Ref Pepe Sanchez was knocked
out and busted open the hard way by an errant title belt shot by Heresy.
Booker then hit a Power bomb-Boston Crab-Pancake combo (about only thing
I can describe it as). Ref Pee Wee Sherman ran out and made the three
count. The crowd celebrated with Booker over his title win, until
Sanchez regained his composure and disqualified him for using the belt.
Booker retains his #1 Contendership, but Heresy remains EWA Champ.

Mimic, a wrestler who basically rips off any other wrestling
personality, rather than develop his own, came out as Stone Cold Mimic.
He faced the Beast. Finish came after the Mimic Stunner didn't affect
Beast and he slapped on his submission (combination half nelson
attempting to pry a head off one's shoulders) for the win in about 4

The main event was an Anything Goes, No Count Out, No Disqualification
match between "Big League" Brian Black (no relation to Criminal Intent's
Billy Black) and ICCW Champion "Revolution" Chris Venom. The match began
as a brawl all over the Loomis arena. They used chairs, trash cans,
sodas and even a ladder as weapons. Brian was able to hit his finisher
(The Full Nelson Slam) as Ref Pee Wee Sherman went to get the ladder to
a safe spot of the ring. He turned with a late count and Venom was able
to kick out. Brian pushed Sherman, who fell but then got up and pushed
Brian right back (Brian Black probably outweighs Sherman by 120 pounds).
Brian didn't budge and press slammed the ref to the floor. At this
point, Venom got up and hit his BTf'nR (modified T-Bone suplex) and
pinned Brian for at least a 15 count. Bad Boy and I hit the ring. I
"helped" the ref while Billy battled Venom. Billy was able to make a
reverse into Bad Boy's "cropduster". Billy helped Big League to his
feet. The ref had a lot of "problems" getting to his feet. I helped him
in and counted three. "Big League" Brian Black is the new ICCW
Heavyweight Champion. Venom got on the mike and started crying to the
Commissioner MTE that he had been screwed. Hey, it was No DQ. Tough
luck. Venom taunted Bad Boy until Billy could take no more came running
out. Bad Boy and Venom started brawling, which Venom soon took over
finally clothes lining Bad Boy from the ring. Venom challenged "Bad Boy"
Billy Black to a grudge match at the next show. Bad Boy of course said
yes. This will set up the next show and Bad Boy Billy Black kicking
Venom's ass one more time.

Just a couple of notes about this show. Pee Wee told me about Pepe after
he took the stiff belt shot to the head. He asked Pepe if he was OK,
Pepe responded with "Dabbadabbawabbawabba...I'm bleeding." Pepe's head
was a little cloudy and had minor cuts on his forehead with a trickle of
blood running down his head. Damn it, put your hands up. Wrestlng belt
vs. Human head= Human head loses.

The second thing is that I am glad to see the Loomis Arena filling up
more each time. I really would like to see the ICCW grow and become a
powerhouse in New England indy wrestling. The lockeroom is great and the
fans enjoy a good night's action.

The ride back was highlighted with a stop at the Bickford's in
Portsmouth. We had a nice discussion about the streetwalker...I mean
escort at the table in front of us with her "boyfriend". The humorous
talk on the way home revolved around Keith being a "vestile virgin".
LOL. We got home pretty late that night and everyone went there way. I
hit the sheets as quickly as I could, because we had to leave by 9am to
head for Nashua, NH

Sunday, October 14

Sunday morning started much earlier than I wanted it too. I could have
slept another 4-5 hours. Anyways, Pepe Sanchez and Pee Wee Sherman came
along for the ride and watch the show. We left on time, but the ride was
a little longer than we thought. We pulled into Nashua and tried to
follow the directions. First off, Nashua is a rather deteriorating city,
shall we say. Now onto the directions, we tried to follow the
directions, but we couldn't find the place. We asked several people for
directions, but no one seemed to really know. One guy we asked gave us
directions about four roads away and sent us on a wild goose chase. 15
minutes later, we found the studio and it was about 50 feet from where
that loser was that gave us the directions.

So we finally found the building at least. Now all we had to do was
climb all the stairs. Four flights later with a fifty pound bag of my
gear, we got the floor where the show was going on. This show was a TV
Taping for Green Mountain Wrestling. They run shows in Vermont, but they
put the exact show on TV. They are hoping that by putting on matches
that won't be available on TV, people will come out to the show.
Anyways, I'm not going to list all the match results. Just the one that
interests people. I have been a referee for GMW for about two years. I
refereed on this show as well. The show featured most of the stars of
the GMW. All of the champions were there: The Heavyweight champ,
Maverick Wild, the Tag Team Champs, The Egomaniacs-Jonny Idol and Mike
Steele, and the injured TV Champion, Alex Arion. Others included Tarzan
Taylor, Bob Evans, Sonny and Jeff Goodspeed, and Tim Fury.

The only match we will talk about today is a GMW tag team title match.
The Egomaniacs-Jonny Idol and Mike Steele were defending their tag team
titles against Dean Eastman and Hangman 2. Hangman 2 is someone we all
know and love(well a few people love anyway). The champs took over on
Eastman right off the bat, but Dean was able to make the tag and the
Hangman came in. Hangman took over quickly on Mike Steele. Hangman
tagged in Eastman and worked briefly on his arm until the champs put a
boot n his back. They took over on Dean and had there way with him.
After a couple of near pinfalls, Eastman was able to tag in Hangman.
Hangman came in a house of fire on both Idol and Steele. Hangman focused
on Steele and Idol cut him off. Steele then went to the top rope.
Hangman was able to get to him and cut him off on the top rope. Hangman
called for a superplex. Meanwhile, Idol dumped Eastman to the floor and
cut off Hangman. Idol and Steele then hit a blockbuster side russian leg
sweep and set up for there finisher. Steele picked up Hangman in a
standing vertical suplex(damn that's alot to hold up in the air, LOL)
and they turned it into a double team sit down power bomb. That got the
champions the pin.

I had a great time in GMW like I always do. The boys in the lockeroom
are great and have great attitudes. After the show was over, we said our
goodbyes. It was whole alot easier going down four flights of stairs
than it was going up. Thank god. We got down to the parking lot and
that's where I saw one of most offensive things I have ever seen in my
life. We saw four you teenagers with a three year old walking across the
lot. One girl kept saying F*** this and F*** that. I spoke up and asked
if she always speaks like that in front of that little girl. That
teenage all of 15 years old then said that the little was her daughter.
So I asked if she talks like that in front of her own daughter. She said
that she would say and F***ing thing any F***ing time, etc. and she
wouldn't quit it. So I made an observation. "If you keep acting like
that, you will have more children than teeth." She didn't seem to like
that. Oh well.

The drive back was uneventful. We stopped for food and had a nice drive
home. We got back about 5:30 which is nice on a Sunday so I have some
time to chill out and get ready for Monday morning.