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03-21-15: Country Fried- Scufflin' Hillbilly Cousin Larry and LumberJake defeated the Anti-Americans with Johnny Fabulous(John Cena, Sr.) to become the NEW APW Tag Team Champions for the second time!!!

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Titles Held
|Championships Held|
Current NAWA North Atlantic Champion

PWS North American Champion

GIW Heavyweight Champion

APW Tag Team Championw/ LumberJake-Country Fried(2x)

VCW Bareknuckle Champion

BTW Tag Team Champions w/ Uncle Sonny-The Scufflin' Hillbillies

American Wrestling Affiliates World Tag Team Champion w/ Sonny Roselli

North Atlantic Heavyweight Champion(4x)

NAWA North Atlantic Tag Team Champion w/ Sonny Roselli (6x)

NWA New England Tag Team Champion w/ Sonny Roselli(2x)

CWA Tag Team Champions w/ Sonny Roselli

GIW Tag Team Champion

IWE Tag Team Champions w/ Mason X

IWE Tag Team Champion w/ Scotty Vegas

NWH Maine State Champion

NWH Tag Team Champions with Dangerous Donny

AWA Heavyweight Champion

EWA Hardcore Champion

ICW Heavyweight Champion

AOM Tag Team Champions w/ Sonny Roselli

RPW Tag Team Champion w/ Justice

ICCW Tag Team Champion w/ Bad Boy Billy Black

MWA Tag Team Champion w/ Hardcore Hippie Nick Richards

"Kildevil" Jay DiPaolo Invitational Tournament(2005)

2008 PWI 500(#401)

2006 PWI 500(#487)

2005 PWI 500(#436)

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