Scrap Yard

Here is a day in the life of John "The Bomb" Bryer. He looks in the mirror and says, "Man, am I a little yellow bellied chicken choker." I canít believe the little bitch ran away before our RPW loser leaves town match. Packed his bags and gone. All because he didnít want any Tough Love from the Enforcer

This little snot nose punk is Kamakazi. He was so stupid, he couldnít spell his own name right. Not to mention he was little tippy on the toes if you know what I mean. But, that dough head just couldnít getting his ass handed to him again and again. So in one of the highspots of wrestling history, Kuntakazi called it quits

Need I say more? This EWA ham and egger is without a doubt way too ugly to have his ghetto painted face on my site. The stone says it all.