My wrestling journal...this is not a diary, homos keep diaries, this is a journal god damn it.

I know it's been a long time since my last journal entry. I would never be able to catch up, so I'm starting here and will do my best to keep current on them.

Friday, February 15th:

I showed up at the Armory around 5pm with all the things that were needed for the show, to see the new additions to the EWA ramp. It really looks good. A 16 foot runway before the ramp really gives the entrance a great look. It also was good to be back to the Armory after 5 months.

Now onto the show results:

First round Tag Team Title tournament matches:

The Damned beat Flash McKenna and Chris Venom (w/Dr. Payne)

Dominik and Stefan Ramsey (w/Alexander Worthington III) beat The Power Company

Egomaniacs beat Damian Houston and Brian Black

I was teaming with Extreme Adam Hastey vs. Elements of Suicide in a first round tag team title tourney match. Our match started with Hastey and Cinna starting off. They both tagged out and Onyx and I went after it. I got over quickly on Onxy with some power moves when Cinna tagged in and they tried to over power me, but that wasn't going to happen. I was hitting both of them with power moves and tagged in Hastey. After a brief advantage, Hastey missed a high risk move and the EOS took over on him . Hastey kept trying to battle back but to no avail. Finally, after a good 6-8 minutes of abuse, Hastey was able to break away from the EOS and made a diving attempt at a tag, but there was only one small problem. For some unknown reason, I "fell" off the apron and the ref was yelling to get me back on the apron while EOS double teamed Hastey with a mafia kick with the aid of a steel chair for the win. The fans were shocked. Boohoo.

After the pin, I got back in the ring to show Hastey some "attention" which included a severe beat down while calling down the Hardcore Institute to join me. I embraced everyone from the HCI and Dr. Payne. After two years of feuding, I decided to join the winning team. I am going to let the HCI watch my back and not those damn fans!!!!!! Instead of looking for approval after every move, I have more time to beat the crap out of people. All of the HCI members had there chance to have some fun with the carcass of the Extreme Punk Adam Hastey. We left the bum laying.

Non-tournament matches:

Chi Chi Cruz beat Johnny Curtis

EWA Heavyweight Champion Dr. Heresy pinned EWA New England Champion El Tornado

Frankie Armadillo (w/Dr. Payne) defeated Adam Booker (w/Christy Thompson) in a Ladder match to win the EWA Hardcore title.

After the show, a bunch of the guys needed to get to Amato's so I showed them how to get there. Imagine that, I know where a sandwich place is. No way. Then to home, so I could get ready for the next long day.

Saturday, February 16

I got up early and picked up the Fraggle adn headed out to pick up former ECW superstar, CW Anderson from Logan Airport. No one else had stepped up offering the night before, so I told them I would. We got to the airport 15 minutes before the plane was supposed to have landed, but Jeremy had given us the wrong terminal info. We literately were running around for 20 minutes through the airport trying to find CW. The second little problem was that his flight landed 20 minutes early so he was there 30 minutes before we found him. CW was really cool about everything. Spence and I introduced ourselves and we started the long walk to the car. After finally getting out of the city and paid what semed like $20 bucks between parking and tolls, the drive was pretty smooth. CW was really cool and told some great stories. We stopped at a Cracker Barrel in NH. I had never been to CB. It was a great place to eat and great to eat with CW. He's a good southern man and likes his food. I really like He helped us get our food really quickly.HEHE We got to the school in plenty of time. So we all chilled and took our time getting everything ready for the show. CW was a great guy between helping with the setup, giving a little training, and shooting some hoops.

Now onto the results of the show:

EWA New England Champion El Tornado beat Stefan Ramsey (w/Dominik) In the second match of the night, I teamed with fellow HCI member Revolution Chris Venom with Dr. Payne in a 3 way elimination tag match versus Elements of Suicide and the Damned. We made a plan with EOS to eliminate the Damned then decide things between us. We immediatly took over on the Damned, but they got lucky and doubleclotheslined all of us. We all powdered to the floor and paired off. We all ended up battling separately in the ring. We all ended up on the floor again and theat's when the high flying started. The EOS broke off from us, went back into the ring, and hit double suicide dives. Then Gina Marie, Dr. Payne, Draven, and finally referee Paul Hazard(after not being able to control the melee said to hell with it) all took to the air and hit the pile. Draven had landed on my leg so I rolled off to the side and back into the ring. Draven was thrown into me. I attacked him as best I could with only one good leg. I missed a clothesline as Mad Dog slid into the ring behind me. Draven slid behind me and picked me up and placed me on Mad Dog's shoulders. That was the beginning of the end as I took Total Damnation. Damn, no pun intended. I was pinned by the illegal doubleteam if I may say and we were eliminated. Payne and Venom helped me to the back while EOS took over on the Damned. EOS hit them with everything they had without being able to get the pin. The Damned came back and finally got the pin.

EWA Hardcore Champion Frankie Armadillo (w/Dr. Payne) pinned Brian Black

Adam Hastey defeated Chi Chi Cruz (w/Dean Ripley)

EWA Heavyweight Champion Dr. Heresy beat Damian Houston in a Ladder match

Johnny Curtis and Mike Torres beat Kid Krazy and Poet 4:20

C.W. Anderson beat Adam Booker (w/Christy Thompson)

Poet 4:20 won a Battle Royal

After the show, Dr. Payne and his girlfriend, Jen, had their car towed. I drove them to the tow company which was frigging 30 minutes away and the tow was bogus anyway. Where they had parked, nothing was posted as tow away zone and they got ticketed for not having a parking sticker. No shit. We were visitors. I hope they fight this. Anyways, finally, about 3am, I pulled into my house and was asleep in 5 mintues after one long weekend.