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My wrestling journal...this is not a diary, homos keep diaries, this is a journal, god damn it.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

In this entry, I'm going to cover a bunch of things covering quite a few months. I want to catch up to the present and hitting them quickly will be the best way.

April 9
I traveled to Claremont, New Hampshire with Spike. The crowd was very good size and was definately into the matches. Earlier in the night, Tim Walker had lost to Johnny Vegas due to the interference of his partner, Christian Angers. That was a little fourshadowing.

Now onto my match, AWA New Champion Christian Angers was in the ring with his partner, Johnny Vegas and their manager Stephen Marriott. My brother Handsome John was supposed to get a title shot but couldn't make it. He must have gotten stuck in the woods, because he never made it to the show. Anyways, Angers was running on at the mouth about a Huntley not being man enough to get in the ring with him. I couldn't stand it and I made my way to ringside. I challenged him in the name of Huntley's everywhere. He didn't want to look like a coward, so he accepted.

I charged the ring and the match started. The match went back and forth with his co-horts distracting both me and the referee to gain the advance for the champ. I fought my way back and had things going my way when Stephen Marriott got on the ring apron. I'd had enough and grabbed him by the tie. The referee came over to get Marriott off the apron. Apparently behind my back with Angers ready to attack me, Tim Walker rushed the ring to even the odds. He hit the "Riveter". I didn't see it but when I turned around Angers was down. I made the cover and got the 3 count. The crowd really seemed to the like the match and I thought the match went really well.

Spike and I made the drive home. It was a long drive home and I couldn't make it all of the way. I pulled over once and took a power nap. One power nap and a stop of the trusty BK on the Pike to break up the bouts of sleepiness.

July 15
Once again, Spike and I made another trip. This time back to Oakfield, Maine. The trip was lengthened by the never-ending construction on 95 in Bangor. I wonder if the people actually work on the road or just leave the cones up all friggin' year. We finally made it to Oakfield.

I wrestled with Mark Moment against the Canadians, CN Power and Jason Holiday in a Tag Team Title Hardcore Match. Moment and I decided to go Old School, even with the jeans and knee pads on the outside of the jeans. We all got into it pretty good. It was a good match of give and take. The end of the match came when I tried to climb to the top rope with a street sign. Jason Holiday hit me in the back with a chair and I fell to the floor. This allowed Power and Holiday to double-team Moment and get the victory.

Following the match, the Canadians continued to pummel Holiday until I could get back into the ring. I chased Power out of the ring and out of the building, but he snuck in another door and locked it behind him. I had to go all of the way around the building. By the time I got back, Moment was being hung like dog by a chain over the top rope. I ran them off but the damage was done. Due to this match and the aftermath, a match was set up for tomorrow night in Oakfield, a NWH Tag Team Title Double Dog Collar Match. A special stipulation was also added. The Losers of the match will be forced to EAT DOG FOOD!!!

July 23
This trip was a day trip with the whole family in tow. Before we went to the stadium, we checked into the hotel in Manchester. Once we made sure everything was OK, we took off the show.

We arrived at the show and said our hello's to everyone. Rip was ever the gracious host. He truely a true gentlemen in this sport. There aren't lots of them in the business and I'm proud to say he's a friend. That night I wrestled former WWE Superstar Koko B. Ware with a true legend George "The Animal" Steele. I was managed by Ox Baker. The match was full of psychology. Both managers were used effectively. The end came when I tried for a backdrop, but I put my head down too soon and Koko caught me with a DDT. He got the 3 count, but he was lucky.

After the matches, we went up to the company luxury box at the baseball stadium. We had a great view right behind the plate and we were in an Air Conditioned suite. He got to mingle with lots of the wrestlers including Gangrel and Luna Vachon(it was good to see them again). After saying our goodbyes, we all headed back to the hotel. The next day we enjoyed the pool and hot tub before heading back to Maine.

August 13
On this Saturday, Spike and I went to the Newmarket Fair to wrestle on two separate shows. Once we arrived, Spike the Runt carried my bags the almost half mile walk to our lockeroom. He's good at that. My opponent in the first show was "El Boriqua" Danny Diaz for my AWA New England Title. The match was decent, but not great to me. The fans really seemed to like it and I guess that's what really counts.

The second show would see me defend the title in a Triange Elimination Match versus the former Champion Christian Angers versus the world famous Spoiler. This match was excellent. The opening saw some comedy which is often overlooked. The Spoiler was eliminated first when I moved out of the way of a splash in the corner. The splash positioned him over the top rope. I catapulted him to the floor which seemed to really confuse him. While the ref started counted, I leaned through the ropes and undid his mask. I revealed him to be Dr. Dan Petty. Thanks for the honors!!!

The show had an early start time of 7:00pm. I was in the tournament that night. In the first round, I faced Adam Booker with Pristine Kristine. It was a good give and take match, back and forth. I finally fought back and hit the DVD on Booker when PK ran into the ring and jumped on my back, raking my eyes. I had won by disqualification to move on in the tournament, but with my eyes raked I was fair game. Booker gave me a Falcon's Arrow leaving my down in the ring. I made my way to the back and tried to prepare for my semi-final match, which was against Frankie Armadillo.

September 19
This past Monday, we had a show at the Rochester, NH Fair. It also was the first show in New Hampshire for New Wrestling Horizons. The whole family went to the show. They frequented the Fair while I looked after things. Because the boss asked me, we had gone to the fair early to make sure everything was going OK. There was only problem, the ring wasn't there. The ring showed up only 1 hour, 15 minutes before the show was set to begin. Because of the help of everyone, we were able to get the ring up and everything situated with time to spare.

In my match that night, I teamed with Sonny Roselli, my old partner, against Cameron Mathews and ECW Star "Hi Flying" Chris Hamrick. The crowd was completly behind us and we embarrassed our opponents in the beginning of the match. They blind tagged and turned the momentum by double teaming me. They kept the pressure on me until I was to finally turn the tide and make the tag to Sonny. Sonny cleaned house until he was attacked and sent to the floor. Cameron held me while Hamrick set for the Superkick. I moved out of the way and Hamrick ended up kicking Cameron right in the mouth. Sonny clotheslined Hamrick out of the ring while I stepped behind Cameron. One Spineshank and one 300 pound Frop Splash and Elite was successful. We left pretty soon and made our way home.

Just the other day, I ran into my wrestling trainer at the local grocery store. Matt now has a child and looks very happy. We talked about the business for a little while. I'm sad to say he's no longer in the business, but he has his head on straight and I'm happy for him. I haven't talked about it yet here, but I told him about me being in the 2005 PWI 500, being #436. I don't like to brag so I don't talk about it alot, but Matt's my original trainer. I wanted to give him the credit he deserves for training me. He deserves alot of it and I figured I'd say it here so other will know about him as well. Thank you, Matt.

I'm writing today to cover alot of things. I wanted to write about the past and to get it done. This weekend is looking to be a potentially huge weekend for me. Friday night, I have a chance to get back the NWH Tag Team Titles with Mark Moment. We are challenging the Canadians, CN Power and Jason Holiday in a Double Dog Collar Match and the Losers will be forced to EAT DOG FOOD!!! I know I don't want to eat it and I'll do everything I can to capture the gold and not eat that crap.

Then on Saturday, I wrestle the 7 footer, BullMoose Calhoun for a chance to wrestle for the NWH Heavyweight Title later in the night against the Champion "Mourningstar" Marcus Hall.
By the end of this weekend, I may be a double champion in New Wrestling Horizons. Time will only tell.

Check back. I know I'll be writing about it.


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