My wrestling journal...this is not a diary, homos keep diaries, this is a journal god damn it.

Friday, October 11, 2002

I was sitting at home waiting for my traveling circus of monkeys to show up for our show in Southbridge, Massachusetts. Chris was there waiting as well as he is Michelle's and my new pet. I expected them to be here at any time, so I just kept waiting for Hazard and Michael. I was starting to get really edgy waiting for them to show. After waiting for over an hour, I called them on Michael's cell phone. I find out that they are already on the road and never called to tell me they were going to Southbridge differently than what was agreed to in the past. After some horrible excuses and reasons, I hung up the phone and took off for Southbridge, Mass. an hour late. After the late start and the expected traffic because of the late start(thanks, you bums), I finally got to the Polish Club just 20 minutes before the show started.

Tonight, I teamed up with my new partner in the EWA, "Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrugged" Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrick Daniels to face the team of Johnny Curtis and Brian Black. After a couple of minutes of trying to counter the hot start of Curtis and Black, we were able to take control of the match. With our power, we had many chances at getting the three count but couldn't quite finish off Curtis. Curtis finally made his way to their corner and made the tag to Black and after fury of back and forth action in the ring, they were able to backdrop me to the floor and double team Daniels in the ring. Daniels did his best but he couldn't combat both of them and he was pinned to the full nelson slam/top rope leg drop combo.

After the show, I got out of there by myself as soon as I could. I needed to make good time, so I could make it home before I fell asleep behind the wheel. I fought the good fight, but had to pull over in the Wells, Maine rest stop, roll up the windows, lock the doors, hope the perverts wouldn't find me, and catch some sleep. I woke up over an hour later and started on my way again. If those meatheads had been in the car, I would have had someone to talk to and wouldn't have had to sleep in Wells. About 45 minutes later, Chris calls me asking where I am, since I am way overdue. After relaying the story about the rest stop, I told him I'd be back in about 15 minutes. I finally pulled in about 4:30am and after short chit-chat with our chia-pet, I went to sleep.

Saturday, October 12, 2002

After about 4 hours sleep, I get a call from B-Vis. He tells me he's bringing over the music for the Rampage show, because he won't be coming to the show until later. Oh boy, first thing I want to see is his large square head. We load the gear into Bobbi's minivan and after waiting again for Hazard to show up. This time, he doesn't hear his alarm and oversleeps, NO WAY???!!!!!??? Anyway, he finally gets there about 45 minutes late and we pick up Miss Bobbi and we are off. We are making great time on the trip to Washburn, Maine. After about two hours, Hazard fell asleep in the back. We decided to have a little fun. Bobbi got her makeup kit and got into the back with Chris. She did a great job of applying the blush and eye shadow to Hazard. They were lovely shades, I must say.LOL He woke up once and from quick reactions, Bobbi and Chris covered up well. In Houlton, I stopped at Wal-Mart for necessary supplies. While I was in the store, Hazard decided to go inside and get a soda unknowingly with his makeup on. I can only imagine the looks he was getting in a Wal-Mart in Northern Maine with his pretty makeup on.LOL After 5 hours, we get to the Washburn High School to do a benefit show for a local girl who had Hepatitis-C. We said our hellos and after a brief meeting, we made our way out back. After "Kash Money" Cameron Matthews and "Hott Stuff" Paul Hudson had both lost there matches and Matthews the RPW Cruiserweight Title, their talent agent Nickolas Santone was furious and desperate. Apparently, he had been saving this plan for just the right time and with no titles in Santone, Inc., he figured this was the time. He made some calls and arranged for his boys to get another shot at a title that night. From meeting with TTA III, Santone was able to create the RPW Tag Team Titles and all 69 Degrees had to do was beat one tag team to get those belts. The one problem with Santone's plan was that he didn't know who the other tag team was going to be. To his surprise, Justice and I along with Miss Bobbi, made our way to ringside. 69 cut us off at the beginning that was not long-lived as we turned the tables quickly and sent them to the floor to regroup. Once back in the ring, 69 cut me off and sent me to the floor. I regrouped with Justice on the floor as Hudson tried a cross body on both of us. That was fun. He only weighs 104 pounds.LOL We caught him and threw him to the floor. Matthews tried the same thing with the same result. Santone didn't like that apparently as he tried to climb to the top to attack us(why?!?). Miss Bobbi got into the ring surprisingly too quick(yeah that's hard) for Santone. One Miss Bobbi ball shot later and I was in the ring to choke slam that 400 pound luchador from the second rope to the canvas. From there the momentum changed several times with 69 Degrees getting the advantage but for only a little while until Justice and I would gain it back. After a quick DVD and a tag to Justice, the end was near. I press-slammed Hudson onto Santone on the floor and turned my attention to Matthews. Justice already had him up in the Last Ride Powerbomb and I went to the second rope. We hit him the Last Ride Powerbomb/2nd Rope Chokeslam and three seconds later, we were the 1st RPW Tag Team Champions. After the show, we did our best to get out the building quickly. On the way back we stopped at Subway in Presque Isle. One of the famous Subway Twins was working and after Chris picked his jaw up off the floor, we got our food and took off for home. The trip home was uneventful except for the wildlife reservation on the Turnpike on the way back. Ten deer, two foxes, the threat of moose, and the fog so thick you couldn't have seen Stephanie McMahon's breast implants from 10 feet away. That's thick fog. We got home about 4am and crashed quickly so that we would be able to get up in time to watch football all day Sunday. Oh yeah.