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My wrestling journal...this is not a diary, homos keep diaries, this is a journal, god damn it.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

I'm trying to write more often. It's only been about a month this time. I hope to write every couple of weeks. That would make these entries not quite as long.

September 23
I drove to Oakfield, Maine with Spike. It was another Friday afternoon of driving. You've got to love that Friday traffic. I do have one question, how friggin' long does it take to repair a five mile stretch of 95 around Bangor/Brewer? They have been working on it for about a year and no end in sight. Another thing, what makes it a construction zone if there are no people working and no equipment in the way? I guess they just put up the orange barrels to make our lives hell. Oh well, I got off the point. We got to Oakfield with plenty of time to spare. I knew this weekend was going to be a hard one for me but I also knew that I would have the possibility of holding the NWH Tag Team and Heavyweight Titles by the end of it.

Friday night, I teamed with Mark Moment against the NWH Tag Team Champions, The Canadian Connection, CN Power and "Canadian Heartthrob" Jason Holiday. This feud had been building for a few months with the Canadians last time in Oakfield hanging Moment with a chain. This match had been made to declare a clear cut championship team. This match was made a double dog collar tag team match with the losers being forced to eat dog food. There was only problem, we wouldn't get our hands on CN Power that night as he "couldn't make it". Instead we wrestled the Baby-faced, bare-footed Chris Carter.

This match was pretty good for what it was. A give and take match that went all over the ring, ringside, and the building. We had the fans throughout. It's hard not too when a twenty pound chain in being used. One funny thing, while we were trying to get Holiday and Carter to put there collars on, I shook the chain. The only problem was the chain comes back as well and it hit me in the mouth. I looked at Moment and told him to keep a hand on the chain all of the time "if you want to keep your teeth". I can't tell you how Moment was doing. I was doing my best with Carter. I put a little something extra on my chops in the match. I wrapped my hand three times in the chain and chopped him. I bet he felt that for a few days. I also wrapped my right knee in the chain a few times and dropped it on Carter's Canadian Nuts.

Holiday took advantage on Moment, hitting him in the head several times, leaving him out in the middle of the ring. I broke up Holiday's pin attempt and went back to beat on Carter some more. Holiday took this time to double-team me. Carter then got himself out of the dog collar and went under the ring to get handcuffs. They handcuffed me to the top turnbuckle and went back to finish off Mark. With my back to them and only one hand to do it, I slowly tried to undo the turnbuckle. It took forever and whenever someone came back to check on me, I played possum in the corner. When they left to go back after Moment, I went back to loosening the buckle. The crowd was really into. I got myself loose, but I was still handcuffed. Carter turned back into me and I hit him in the head with both fists and the handcuffs. Holiday swung at me. I blocked it with both hands and double back punched Holiday in the face. That sent Holiday to the floor and left Carter alone in the ring. I picked up the steel turnbuckle and his Carter right in the head. I threw a bloody, near-out Mark Moment on Carter and I jumped on as well and we got the 3 count. We were the NEW NWH Tag Team Champions.

Now came the fun time. Holiday and Carter were forced to be on their knees and we fed them the dog food and yes it was friggin dog food. It was funny as hell to watch them nearly puke on the Alpo. It had been a damn good night until the owner of NWH, Quentin Michaels came out. He announced that since we had pinned Carter and not CN Power, we didn't beat the champions and therefore we weren't the new tag champs. Needless to say, we were pissed off. Once again Quentin Michaels had screwed someone else.

After the show, Spike and I went to Matt's house to crash for the night. Matt's a great guy letting the boys stay there after shows. We stayed up for awhile having some pizza and beverage. Spike loved it because he was able to hang out with some cuties as well. Gotta love teenage hormones. Hehehe. We packed it in about 2am.

September 24
After dragging our butts out of bed, Spike and I went to breakfast with Matt's girlfriend and the other two girls. Breakfast was good especially considering there was no time frame we had to keep to. When we got back Ricky finally woke his ass up. He went to the store with Spike. It took them 45 minutes to walk 3 minutes down to the store. Now we were behind. Spike and I took off with Ricky behind us in the ring van. After getting lost in a little in Brewer, we found the building.

That night I was scheduled to wrestle BullMoose Calhoun in a #1 Contender's Match for a chance at Marcus Hall later in the evening. During the show, BullMoose cut a promo stating that he was injured by Marcus Hall the previous night and wouldn't be able to wrestle me tonight. He basically forfeited. I don't like the fact that he had to do it, but I'm not going to take the shot at the champ.

The match was very old-school with Marcus working my already injured left leg throughout. We worked well together. I liked the match alot. I finally came back on Marcus and we both were down in the ring. Quentin Michaels jumped up on the apron and started yelling at the ref. Marcus tried to send me into the ropes, but I reversed him. When he returned I dropped down and got up to hit a clothesline. By the time I got up, Marcus was stumbling towards me. I DDV'ed him and got the 3 count to become the NEW NWH Heavyweight Champion. My tag partner, Mark Moment came out to congratulate me. He even brought the towels. LOL

Two things:
Number 1, I didn't find out until later that BullMoose had hit Marcus with a chair before I pinned him. I guess he was pissed because he was injured the night before and number 2, I am very honored to be the New Wrestling Horizons Heavyweight Champion. I held the title once before for over a year and haven't been able to win again until now. I hope to be able to hold onto it for quite awhile. I love wrestling in Maine and NHW is definately the BEST WRESTLING IN MAINE!!!

After two very difficult matches and 500 miles traveled, I was ready for bed. I went to dinner with my girlfriend and Spike. One torturous drive home and 3 hours later, we were all in bed.

I don't have time right now to write about my trip to Tennessee and my bad back.

Check back in a few days. I will be writing about it. Also, don't be afraid to drop me an email or post on my guest book.


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